• Orders must be placed by 12:00 noon the day prior to receiving a lunch.
  • Any order changes must be made by noon the day prior to receiving a lunch.
  • Orders need to be cancelled by 12:00 noon the day prior to receiving a lunch. After 12:00 noon, all sales for the following day are final.
  • If your child is absent or sick, and their lunch was not cancelled before the deadline, their lunch will be put in the fridge and saved for the following day. All lunches remaining in the fridge on Friday after school will be thrown away.
  • No refunds will be issued at the end of the school year; a credit for cancelled meals will remain on your account for the following year.
  • The online system will not send reminders.

Field Trips:

  • When a teacher sends out an email that there is an upcoming field trip and lunches need to be cancelled, it is the parents' responsibility to go online and cancel their child's lunch no later than 12:00 noon the day prior to the field trip.
  • The credit will remain on your account.
  • Due to field trips being scheduled throughout the school year, it is advisable to only order lunches through April, then check your child's balance prior to ordering lunches for May.